Forgive for Good Tape Series


  #1-What is Forgiveness?   1999


     Dr. Luskin presents the basic principles of his research proven process of forgiveness.  Side One contains a 45 minute talk, �What is Forgiveness?�  Side Two contains two guided imagery exercises, including the H.E.A.L. Method, that are used in the forgiveness classes.    

Cost:  $16.00 per audiotape


#2-The Nine Steps of Forgiveness    2001


     On Side One, Dr. Luskin delivers a 45 minute presentation of his nine steps for learning to forgive.  Side Two contains two guided visualizations, including the H.E.A.L. Method for self-forgiveness.  The nine steps plus the H.E.A.L. Method for self-forgiveness can also be purchased on CD.

Cost:  $16.00 per audiotape or CD



To order by mail:

  Please send check for total amount to:

Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.

730 Welch Road Suite B

Palo Alto, CA  94304-1583



"Forgive for Good" tapes are also for sale at:

East West Book Store- Castro Street, Mountain View

Stanford Health Library- Stanford Shopping Center

Stanford Hospital Integrative Medicine Clinic


Videotapes of Dr. Luskin 

Thinking About Forgiveness in Coping with Serious Illness  

Got a Grudge: Forgiveness   

are available from the Stanford Hospital Health Library 

To order please call:  ( 650) 725-8400